Thursday, 30 August 2012

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama


Expect to be seeing spots this autumn. This summer, Louis Vuitton launched their collaborative line with Yayoi Kusama, a brilliant Japanese artist of nine decades for the Fashion Meets Art movement. LV has been quite smart in their timing and the way they got the media to get excited about the new collection as Tate Modern launched an exhibition of her work a while ago, getting the fashion world anxious and excited about the new designs. 

Back in January, I saw a minaudiere of a documentary following Marc Jacobs around Japan as he launched in Tokyo and met Kusama. When I find out the name of the actual documentary (I watched it on the plane), I'll put a link for it - its definitely an interesting watch.

So now that the collection is out for the world to judge, was it worth the hype? You be the judge. While I am a fan of both Jacobs and Kusama, personally I don't like how the two worlds combined. Yes, we have seen Jacobs dabble into braver and younger designs in his reign (think back to the graffiti prints and denim patchwork), but the bags they've brought out this time is basically a print of Kusama's dots onto an existing LV bag. Disappointing, as I was hoping for more innovation and creativity.

I must admit, this is probably one of the better collaborations of fashion and art that we've seen in a while, but that's purely because of credentials. That said, I'm really enjoying the crusade of collaborations between fashion labels and bloggers as well. 

Particularly, and forgive me if i wet myself a little, I can't wait for the H&M x Maison Martin Margiela collection to come out in November. I can't say I've been crazy enough to line up for the other H&M collections (especially not the Versace one), but the Margiela one does look promising. Here's a sneak peek of it:

Anyways, I'll be posting some DIY projects I've been working on soon. 



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