Wednesday, 26 September 2012

10.18 pm


In the madness of coming back to London and moving out to a new flat, my little blog baby has been crying out for my attention in the corner. The internet here has been quite shoddy so forgive me. It's been quite a lot (of hangovers and stress) to handle, so apologies for being a bit MIA. I've just moved into a new place in East London with a good friend of mine, so the past few weeks have been a mix of emptying out the cardboard boxes, and exploring the new area (read: trolling for business men to buy us drinks!). Its also been nice to look forward to a start of a new school year - I am just starting a specialised course in Footwear Design at LCF, and its been really fun meeting my new tutors and course mates. I know I've been boring online lately, but there's just too much to do outside. I am studiously putting together a post of a round-up LFW though, so bear with me.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of what's been happening in London.
(Some photos courtesy of my friend, Vanessa Straub)

Playing around with fire and ice in the best cocktail bar ever - Be At One (Kings Cross)

The hottest street dancers in Trafalgar Square / by the National Gallery

My creation of colourful shots to christen the new flat! 

At the Brick Lane Festival - I just thought this sign was funny ... where else are we supposed to pee?!

Brick Lane Festival '12



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