Thursday, 6 September 2012


A few weeks ago, my dad and I tackled this project with two bottles of dye, a pair of white jeans, and a whole lot of sweat. You may be wondering why I did this with - of all people - my dad, so here's a little background info: My dad works in the denim industry, and he also produces the dye chemicals used to create the colour of your skinny jeans. As I'm back home for the summer, I took this opportunity to bully my dad into helping me dip-dye these white jeans. 

As avid denim-trend followers, my dad and I made it a point to have the smoothest gradient possible on the dip dye. If you search diy dip dye jeans, you will find a lot of dye jobs where you can blatantly see where the dye ends and where the denim starts (almost like it was colour blocked). The dye just seems to stop at an arbitrary line on the leg - something I consider highly unattractive. 

For this project, I had bought a cheap pair of white Forever 21 jeans that I didn't mind wrecking - I recommend that you either use an old or cheap pair for your first trial, as it is very easy to go wrong in the dyeing process!

DIY dip dye jeans, Forever New necklace



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