Wednesday, 26 March 2014

DIY: Nail Polish!


So I have this really bad habit of obsessing over a DIY project I see on Pinterest or Youtube and going mad on Ebay/online shops trying to scour for the materials and then ditching it after a few weeks or so. It happened with rubber stamps, card making, and scented candles, and now its nail varnishes. I've been waiting obediently by my door these past few days waiting for all my supplies to arrive, and now they that they have, my flat looks like a glitter bomb exploded in here.

It's been quite a while now since I posted any DIY projects, so here's a really fun one for you to try out at home. There are a lot of different ways you can do this, but I've been researching quite a bit online and have compiled the easiest and most cost-effective method for you. I'm not going to use the professional nail polish bases or mica powder here because its more of a hobby DIY rather than making sell-able products.

Let's get started!

  1. Clear top/base coat
  2. Eyeshadow - the best is to use really pigmented eyeshadow as the colours will show up better. 
  3. Empty nail polish bottle (optional)
  4. Scooping and mixing tool - I've just used a sculpting tool and a toothpick, but you can use a little teaspoon or anything to pick up the eyeshadow with.
  5. Glitter! (optional)
I bought these eyeshadows (the Color cosmetics palette, Bourjois samples, and Wet n Wild pot) from Cosmetics Fairy just because I didn't want to ruin my expensive eyeshadows and Cosmetics Fairy is amazingly cheap. I will link everything at the bottom of the page.

So after reading a lot of different articles and watched a lot of videos etc, I must let you know some important information about the glitter you use. Since I'm a glitter fiend, I already had a collection of cosmetic grade glitter pots at home, but I did buy the mini glass bottles of hex, strand/flitter/bar, and crush shells glitter on Ebay before doing my homework. 

So, here is a word of caution: if you use ordinary glitter in your clear nail polish, the colours from the glitter will most likely bleed out after a few days, and the larger glitter (like the hex or any other large shapes you want to use) might bend out of shape. The best is to use solvent-resistant glitter that is made for nail polishes, although it is slightly more expensive and harder to find. Also, your glitter pieces will sink to the bottom if you use normal top/base coat - if you're looking to make glitter varnishes that kind of float around in the bottle, you'll want to use a suspension base. The easiest way of getting your hands on this is to just use a silver or iridescent glitter polish and add your own colours into it. A popular one that I've seen that seems to work quite well is the Wet n Wild Shine in Hallucinate. I'm sure you can find it on Amazon or Ebay, or in Boots for something similar. But because I'm just making these polishes for the fun of it, it doesn't really bother me. 

1. Crush up your eyeshadow into a fine powder in a small cup (I just used a plastic shot glass). 

2. Make a paper funnel and stick it on top of the bottle. 

3. Add in your colour and glitter, screw back the lid and shake hard! That's it! 

I've made four colours so far, and I'm really happy with the results. I would swatch it on my nails but they are disgusting right now. 

From the far left:
1. Dark grey with shimmering glitter flecks
2. Deep raspberry pink
3. Cream with black glitter (I call it Cookies and Cream)
4. Neon pink and gold glitter

Cosmetics Fairy: for cheap eyeshadows and other make up
EffectBeauty (Ebay): for the mini glass bottles of glitter (not solvent resistant)
Yall-uk (Ebay): for the fine glitter (not solvent resistant)
Glitterarty_Nails (Ebay): for solvent-resistant glitter
LoveCraftsLoveCrafts (Ebay): for the empty nail polish bottles

Let me know if you've tried it out and I'll post your pics on here!


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