Tuesday, 25 March 2014

LDN: Burger and lobster


In spirit of updating my blog more often, I have decided to include my food journey through London (and perhaps parts of Asia as well), for those foodies like me who enjoy watch marathon reruns of Masterchef and Top Chef. One of the most memorable dining delights I've had in London was at Burger and Lobster - the one I went to was in Farringdon, but they have restaurants all over Central London. For those of you who live here and have not yet been there, you are missing out! Prior to going there, I've heard really great reviews about this place, either from word of mouth or simply through friends. It is a place you can't not talk about, simply because it is relatively cheap for its quality. 

Oops, sorry for the semi blurry pic, I was too excited and too hungry to eat! 

Three items: burger, lobster, and lobster roll. That's it. You do get fries and salad on the side, but don't let its simplicity fool you because its definitely worth your money.

The premise is simple, its £20 for whatever you order. The only thing that you will spend more £££ on is the drinks - I had an Old Fashion cocktail there for about £10, but its pretty standard for a good cocktail. 

There are five restaurants scattered around the city: Mayfair, Soho, Farringdon, City, and Knightsbridge. My friend and I chose to go to the Farringdon one because it is the closest one near uni, but presumably its also the most low-key one out of all the other locations. I imagine you'd need to make reservations or wait in line for a while during peak hours in the other locations. Check on their website because they have different reservation policies at each of the restaurants.

It was quite a down-to-earth atmosphere for a place where you're eating lobsters, but it was fitting. It was buzzing and energetic, and the service was great. 

5/5! I would definitely go there again and again and again, and would recommend anyone who's in London to try it at least once before they die. 


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