Wednesday, 7 May 2014

DIY: Fur Cuffs


As a sister project to my last DIY (fur and lucite clutch), I decided to make some fur cuffs to match using the rest of my scraps. It's a really fun way to joozsh up your outfit, especially if you pair it with a long sleeved cardi. Hope you enjoy this little project! 

1. Supplies you will need: a long piece of fur offcut (faux fur works well too!), some scrap leather long enough to wrap around your wrist, and small buckles. You will also need a hot glue gun, scissors, and needle and thread.
2. Measure your wrist and add about 3-4 cm to that measurement and cut it out in leather. I've made my strap about 2 cm wide. Loop your buckle through one end and stitch it down tight. Test the strap around your wrist and poke a hole with an awl into the leather where the buckle is going to loop through.
3. Cut your fur down to the size of your wrist (the strap should be longer). Glue down a piece of leather on the back of the fur.
4. Hot glue the strap on to the middle of the leather/fur piece.

Et Voila!


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