Sunday, 26 October 2014

6 Halloween Costumes for the Witty and Funny 2014

Just stop. I don't know. I don't care. Because I'm getting my haircut. 

To me, the best halloween costumes are the ones that I understand immediately but have never thought about it as a halloween costume ever. Those are the ones filled with pop culture references but they're not really characters or people you can immediately go get a costume for. So take out your Pritt sticks and scissors, its creative time! 

I'm an emoji enthusiast. That's it. Why not be your fave emoji this year? WHY THE HELL NOT? Making the costume doesn't seem so hard either, a few pieces of coloured paper, some cardboard, and a marker will do. Yes.

2. Tinder
I love these cardboard cut-out costumes. I saw an Instagram one and a Facebook one a few years ago, and I'm pretty sure this Tinder idea has been done before, but it's still not one of your typical costumes. It'll be even funnier if a guy put the cut-out around his crotch, but have a really blurred dick pic in there, or hairy man's face. Either way, it's an ice-breaker for the other person if you're looking to hook up that night. 
"...hey baby, I would swipe right for you." 
/end creepy perv

3. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
I found this image on Business Insider Aus of all places. I LOVE a witty costume, and this just made me chuckle. Viral videos have now been integrated into our 2014 lives so much so that if someone sees this costume and doesn't get it, pour a bucket of ice on them. 

4. Red Plastic Cups
Now this is more of an American tradition, but with the magic of modern cinema, we know what they are on the other side of the pond. Not entirely sure how to make these things, but if you do, props dude. Now go play some beer pong. 

5. Box of Wine
Again, boxed wine is more popular in America than the UK I think. Mainly because a bottled wine (ooh fancy) only costs a couple pounds here, so there's really no need go there. But as low-brow as this costume is, it made me laugh just by the creativity of it. I feel like it might only work of the 'funny guy' of the group though. Don't dress up like this if you're the perv of the group. 

Hahahaha. Calling all gingers. PLEASE do this. 

So there it is, I do hope some of you go down the funny route and not the slutty one this year! 


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