Thursday, 16 October 2014

DIY: Crystal and Geode Rings


I've been kind of obsessed with geodes ever since I saw the amazing collection of natural minerals, crystals, and other sparkly things down at the Natural History Museum in South Ken. Lately I've come across a lot of geode jewellery floating around in the blogosphere and was determined to find one I like online. I found some on Etsy and Ebay, but they were gonna take too long to be shipped over from China, and being crazy impatient I wanted a geode ring NOW. Obv the next logical step was to DIY it. This is one of the easiest projects ever with the most rewarding results. Links to all my supplies are down below! 

1. Supplies you will need: 
  • appropriately sized crystal / mineral rock / geode pieces (available here)
  • ring blanks (available here)
  • E6000 glue - the holy glue of all crafters
  • Gold and clear nail polish
2. Paint the bottom of the rocks with gold nail polish. Let that dry and seal it with the clear nail polish.
3. Apply a generous blob of glue on the ring.
4. Stick the rings on to the bottom side of the rocks. Make sure you find a nice smooth surface on the rock so that the ring is stuck on properly. Leave it to dry upside down - don't put it on an angle or else the ring might slide down at a weird angle.

DONE. How easy was that!


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