Tuesday, 28 October 2014

DIY: Gold Wire Crown with Pearls

Treat yourself like a princess

In the spirit of dressing up, I decided to make this little crown for you all who need a last minute princess-themed accessory for Halloween, but don't want to use a tacky toy-shop one. I've seen a few of these wire crowns on Pinterest, but what was annoying was that all the little spikes that I saw were all the same height, which made it more of a birthday party hat than a princess crown. Anyway, enough talking, more DIY-ing.

1. Materials: 
  • Gold wire (20-22 gauge)
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Assortment of beads/pearls
  • Chain (optional)
  • Measuring tape
2. Measure around your head where the crown will sit. This should be around 22". Cut a piece of wire that is about 2-3cm longer than your head measurement.
3. Cut 13 strips of wire to make up each spike in the crown. The longest strip is in the centre as it's the largest spike - I cut mine at 17cm. Then I cut two of each of the descending strips as they will gradually become smaller towards the ends. Here are the measurements:
  • 17cm
  • 15cm x 2
  • 13cm x 2
  • 11cm x 2
  • 9cm x 2
  • 7cm x 2
  • 6cm x 2 - I wouldn't recommend anything shorter than this as it will be too small

4. Take the longest piece of wire and slightly bend it in half. Then string in beads to your liking.
5. At the ends of the wire, take your needle-nose pliers and start curving the beaded wire around the centre of the 'head' wire. 
6. Wrap the rest of the wire to a neat edge. 

7. I took the second longest wires (15cm x 2) and repeated the steps above. Keep adding beads and wrapping it around the 'head' wire, so that there is a descending pattern happening. I decided to work on the 'head' wire as a straight line first because twisting and working with the wires was fiddly enough.

8. Once you finish the spikes of your crown, connect the two edges of the large head wire together by first curving/bending the edges inwards. 
9. Twist the excess wire around itself so that its secure.
10. You can stop at this point if you're happy with your crown!

11. I decided to add some chains to a few of the spikes, simply by attaching the chains with some jump rings. 

And you're done! Hope you enjoy making your own crown, be it for Halloween or just for a fun little dress up party! 


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