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10 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes to Expect in 2014

Sigh... So are you going to be Elsa or Anna this year?

Ah, Halloween. Next to witnessing drunks at a Christmas do or seeing singles connect mouths on Valentine's day, it's definitely one of those special occasions where people-watching becomes my only activity of the day. I don't know why I still get so excited to just watch people interact on Halloween nights because every year it's really the same thing, isn't it? A group of 'Woooooo' girls walk into a club with their half-cladded bodies, bunny ears, and hooker heels just grinding on guys dressed as Superman or a vampire. By the end of the night the guys are covered in body glitter and the girls have a red stain from the fake blood of the vampire they were just making out with. I just love it. And hey, I'm not judging.

October 31st is also one of those days where you can gauge what's been happening in popular culture if you've been living under the rock for the past year. That's why I've been gathering some intel and coming to logical conclusions on what you can expect from Halloweeners this year.

1. Real Life Elsa and Anna from Frozen
Now, obviously Mary-Kate and Ashley have been photoshopped, but I think they pull off being Disney characters quite well, no? The magic of this costume (no pun intended) is that you don't have to go too extreme with the fake blood and face paint, yet people will still recognise who you're dressing up as. 

2. Iggy Azalea in Fancy
AS IF this isn't the best person to choose to be this year. Dig up your 90s plaid, fluffy pens, and scrunchies, it's Fancy time. 

3. Orange is the New Black cast
If you happen to have an orange jumpsuit lying around (no questions asked) and your face has that bicuriously-innocent-yet-jaded look, then go as Piper. If you wanna channel your inner sassy/juicy/insane/religious/lesbian freak, go as any one of the other characters. They're all more interesting than Piper anyway. 

4. Maleficent
If you have a lot of time on your hands and/or have a leather horn helmet in your closet, Maleficent is the way to go. While I don't think this costume will be as popular as the previous ones due to the extreme effort you'd have to put into making the costume (or just eBay it I suppose), how freakin' awesome would it be to see Maleficent walking down the streets of Leicester Square drinking Smirnoff Ice?!

5. Nicki Minaj's Anaconda Video
If you got a booty like Nicki and love hot pink thongs as much as she does, go for it. If you don't, then don't try this in public. Please. I beg you. No one wants to see your flabby pale ass. 

6. Ariana Grande in cat ears
I get it - she's young, she's cute, she likes cat ears. It's so easy to dress up as her - high ponytail, 60s knee high boots, mini dress, and cat ears. Every club girl probably already has these things in their closet. But the only problem is you won't look like Ariana, you'll just look like a slut with cat ears a la Mean Girls. 

7. Katy Perry's Dark Horse Video
A make-up artist's dream - you will have hours of fun getting ready with gold jewellery and colourful eyeshadow (the one time a year its acceptable to break out your Coastal Scents palette). What are you waiting for?! 

8. Lego People
So I know the Lego Movie was a huge hit this year, but don't judge me, I haven't actually seen it. In my mind I can already see the groups of guys all wearing painted cardboard boxes tumbling down the street drunk. I will have my phone ready. 

9. The Ninja Turtles
Speaking of movies I haven't seen this year, the Ninja Turtles are definitely going to be a huge hit with the costumes I feel. While you can go out and just buy the costume, why not DIY it? There's even a wikiHow tutorial on making this costume here.

10. Katy Perry's This Is How We Do Video
I know I already have Katy Perry in this list, but I just had to end this post with the Queen of Pop Culture, since we're on this topic. The whole video is basically the motion picture of the Pop Art movement, scattered with pop culture references, bopping to a pop tune. The best part of dressing up as her in this video is that a lot of the costumes in it can be gathered in most people's closets, you just need to vamp it up with some red lips and heart-shaped glasses. 

So now you know the predicted costumes for this year - are you going cliche or witty?

Come back this week for more Halloween-y things! 


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