Sunday, 26 October 2014

ROUND UP: 10 DIY Leather Projects


I love leather. I know there are some vegan leather-haters out there, and I totally respect that. But to me, leather is that special material that won't fray or break, and it's what gives me that fantastically giddy feeling when I see a good pair of leather shoes. I have hoarded a load of leather pieces over the past two years at Cordwainers, and besides its primary use of being made into shoes, I often take smaller scraps to make DIY projects with.

I've found that with a lot of leather projects out there, they are either really advanced or just too ... um, cowboy-y. I've rounded up here some of the best do-able projects around.

1. Leather Polka Dot Clutch by See Kate Sew

2. Wood & Leather Suspended Shelf by Camille Styles

3. Leather Valet Tray by Apartment Therapy

4. Leather Diamonds by Anma Gritt

5. Leather and Cork Coasters by Freshly Given

6. Leather Plant Hanger by Design Sponge

7. Geometric Leather Partywares by The Sweetest Occasions

9. Leather Wrap Bracelet by Lebenlustiger

10. Leather Hair Tie by Cupcakes and Cashmere


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